Updated: Feb 19, 2020

I taught for the first time September 19 ,20 2015 Level 1 and 2 Reiki and it was the most amazing feeling and to have the great students! When the student is ready the teacher appears but it also is the other way around as well for me when the students appear the teacher is ready .

It is all about trusting in the Universe and allowing yourself to let go and surrender! What a powerful, powerful thing that you do for yourself when you surrender to God to your Guides!

I have never understood this more until this past weekend and wondering what truly is my role on this planet and who am I, I asked myself.

The universe helped aligned me to that to see who am I. It is interesting to see your life unfold in a divinely guided plan when you surrender1

So many learning aspects that I have learned about where I am really going with my healing path and how I asked myself why is it that I feel truly no joy, why cannot I not feel joy all the time, why fleeting and it was shown to me in the last couple of weeks that being a Registered Massage Therapist was not feeding my soul, not in the way I thought it would and although I will not give up massage for I do believe I have made a different in peoples lives so I know

intuitively that I must stay the course!

But do understand now that my journey is expanding into a greater purpose and that is to teach others what I have learned!

What a powerful feeling to Surrender what you know is true for you! As God and my Angel guides applaud me! I feel there love for me and all of us!


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