ChakraBalancing & Intuitive Reiki with                       Tuning forks combo

One on One sessions of evening of meditation and tapping into who you are! This one on one evening includes Healthy dinner, tea  and Reiki. Sound therapy session of 30 mins, guided meditation and sharing experience and card reading! You will come away feeling relaxed, calm and have more clarity of where you are going in your life!

Price: $ 195.00 for 3 hrs 

Chakra Balancing is 60 min $100.00 GST 

Reiki & Sound Therapy session with card reading! 


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Energetic Releasing and cord cutting of others and emotions of what maybe holding you back! 


Animal Reiki/Massage sessions for

15 mins

$25.00 or 30 min sessions $50.00 plus GST

Shorter sessions for animals because they are very sensitive to energy work being done on them and although they love it but only in shorter time frame then humans!

Need a Cat Sitter $15.00 per 30 min visit! 

Dog walking is $30.00 for 30 mins or $50.00 for 60 mins and will take them to off leash park!

Housesitting with pets $75.00 a night including walks! 

 I will come to your home to smudge and show you how to use the smudging kit and leave you the smudge kit for you after $55.00 GST


"Smudging" is the common name given to a powerful cleansing technique from the Native American tradition; however, the burning of herbs for emotional, psychic, and spiritual purification is a common practice among many religious, healing, and spiritual traditions. It is a ceremonial way to cleanse a person, place or an object of negative energies or influences. It is also an effective method for energizing or blessing a person, place or object.
Smudging can be useful when you're feeling depressed, angry, resentful, unwell or after you have had an argument with someone. It is common to smudge yourself, the space and all the guests or participants before a ritual or ceremony or celebration. You can smudge your home or work space as part of a general spiritual housecleaning, and you can cleanse crystals or other objects of any negative or lingering energy with a smudging ritual.r you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

Therapeutic Massage/Chakra Balancing  is a holistic therapy which has an effect on both the body and mind.  Massage increases the circulation of blood and flow of lymph.  The direct mechanical effect of rhythmically applied manual pressure and movement used in massage can dramatically increase the rate of blood flow.  Also, the stimulation of nerve receptors causes the blood vessels (by reflex action) to dilate, which also facilitates blood flow.  This has a profound effect on one's health.

Chakra Balancing with Tuning Forks which there are 7 tuning forks one for each 7 main chakra's and Ohm tuning forks which is used on the hands! What the tuning forks do is Balance and clear the chakra's  and Intuitive Reiki is clearing your energy fields. Bringing the body back to Homestastis State. 

 If you would like to find your way I can help and stop the belief patterns and help you on your path of enlightenment and peace. Intuitive Reiki and Tuning Forks will help with all sorts of ailments and emotional issues. A lot of our ailments stem from emotional debris and sometimes we don't know how to deal with it. I am here to help you understand and connect and release deep seeded emotional issues within the body!   

I specialize in the combo of Reiki and Sound Therapy with Therapeutic Massage and is my preference in helping people be more grounded in their body! 

Mobile Massage is 60 min $110.00 GST

Mobile Massage is 90 min $140.00 GST

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60 Mins  90.00 plus GST

90 Mins  $130.00 plus GST

Therapeutic Massage/Chakra Balancing

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